The South Yorkshire Health and Social Care Integration Programme is a shared focus that aims to identify, develop and embed opportunities to integrate health and social care including roles, training and workforce systems.

Collaboration with all partners across the South Yorkshire Integrated Care System is at the centre of the Health and Social Care Integration Programme, overseeing delivery of agreed projects that support both health and social care.

The Social Care Integration workstream was launched in 2020 on the back of the initial activities of the Future Workforce group. 

This early work focused on building the foundation to enable the development of an integrated workforce and the shared common themes needed including organisational collaboration, community member inclusion, Place-based partnerships, compassionate leadership, commissioning change and tackling health inequalities. The programme continues to thrive by developing the objectives according to the needs of the sectors and varying influences.

The Health and Social Integration Hub Projects

The South Yorkshire Health and Social Care Integration Hub have six key projects, cantered around the NHS South Yorkshire's Bold Ambitions.

The Health and Social Care Integration Hub's objectives can be found under core business.

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