Our Vision

For everyone in South Yorkshire to have the best possible start in life, with support to be healthy and live well, for longer.

Who we are

The South Yorkshire (SY) Integrated Care System (ICS) formally launched as an ICS in October 2018.

The ICS is a collaboration of partners including Local Authorities, the NHS and the voluntary sector in our Neighbourhoods, Places and in Provider Collaboratives in South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw.

We join forces where it makes sense to do so and where it makes a positive difference to patients, staff and the public.

We work together to tackle health inequalities across the whole SY population and are using our learning from the COVID-19 pandemic to improve people's health and their access to services - making it fairer for all.

South Yorkshire – our places

The majority of our work takes place locally in our four Places – Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield with a total combined population size of 1.5 million. This is what is often referred to as the System population.

Each of our Places has a plan which sets out what the partners want to achieve together. These are focused on improving health and wellbeing but also other factors often called the wider determinants that affect health - employment, housing and education.

With 36 neighbourhoods with populations between 30-50,000, this town or city level sees health and care organisations working closely together.

Our journey

We have been working as a partnership for a number of years.  Initially working as a Sustainability and Transformation Partnership (January 2016) we then moved into the first wave of Accountable Care System’s (in April 2017).

Our journey to becoming one of the first and most advanced Integrated Care Systems (ICS) in the country has been one of steady progress, solid performance and strong delivery.

All parts of the country are now covered by an integrated care system, which puts our ICS in a really strong position having been among the first wave of ICS’ in England. It means we are expected to make faster progress than other health systems in transforming the way care is delivered - and for the benefit of the population we serve.

With the publication of the Government's White Paper, 'Integration and innovation: working together to improve health and social care for all', all ICS' are now set to evolve into statutory bodies in their own right between April 2021 - April 2022 (called 'the transition year').

Throughout this journey, we will continue working towards our vision - for everyone in South Yorkshire to have the best possible start in life, with support to be healthy and live well for longer.