Improving access to mental health services and increasing support for people with learning disabilities 

We are working to improve access and availability of mental health support for adults and children across the region.

Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) services will be expanded to meet growing demands, alongside addressing harmful addictive behaviours connected to tobacco, alcohol and gambling abuse.

South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw has a higher suicide rate than the England average. Our aim is to reduce this – by at least 10% - through coordinated prevention programmes, support and improved 'real time surveillance' - working with our partners to identify our most vulnerable people and put services in place to support them and anyone experiencing a mental health crisis when they most need it.

We will work with people who are rough sleeping to provide round the clock access to support and urgent care, making sure our ambulance and emergency service colleagues are involved and able to provide immediate support to anyone who needs it.   

There's clear link between mental illness and physical health; the more physical illnesses you have the more likely you are to experience poor mental health and wellbeing. There is therefore a greater need to support people in SYB to manage any long term conditions, disabilities or learning disabilities lead healthier, happier, more independent lives.

There's more that we can do to support all people in our communities.

Over the last few years we have supported people with long term physical or mental health problems into the Working Win health led employment trial through working with the Department for Work and Pensions and Sheffield City Region.

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