In South Yorkshire we want everyone to live happy and healthier lives for longer. We know times are tough with the ongoing effects of Covid-19 and the rising cost of living, our engagement shows that having access to high quality care and support is important for our community.

That's why we're working together as a partnership to make sure you have the support you need. We're committed to listening to you, involving you, and responding to your needs. This strategy was created by our newly formed Integrated Care Partnership between September and December 2022 and will guide us up until 2030. It's a legal requirement, but we see it as just the start of a journey with all of you.

We're excited to work alongside our communities and the amazing people in our voluntary, community, and social enterprise sector. And we want this strategy to continue to improve and evolve through your involvement, because your health and well-being is important to us all. Let's work together for a happy and healthy South Yorkshire.

View the South Yorkshire Integrated Care Partnership Strategy below.