Bringing about vital improvements for our 1.5 million population

We work hard to ensure there is a consistent approach to how health and care is accessed and delivered in South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw (SYB) - regardless of where you live.

Transformation means working with our key partner organisations in SYB to deliver changes to local health and care services to better patient outcomes.

For the SYB Integrated Care System (ICS) our focus is to reduce waste and unwanted variation by improving access to local health and care services. 

Where improvements have worked at a local level, in a particular town or city, we can then extend these to the wider communities in our footprint.

Not only does this support better equity of care (a fairness in how health services are accessed), it also helps the ICS to consider which other place-level improvements might work across the wider SYB system.

This approach was effective in how we were also to support the redesigning of the stroke care pathway, for example.

Our aim is to improve the care provided to communities where benefits can be met by working at a larger scale such as digital, estates and workforce transformation.

COVID-19 has also added a new level of complexity to our work. 

We have been able to continue delivering improvements across our work programmes such as mental health, cancer and health inequalities but also in helping to maintain patient safety. 

Further information about what we have acheived so far can be viewed at the links below: