Barnsley is a metropolitan borough in South Yorkshire.

  • Population size: 245,199 (2018, ONS UK)
  • Area: 329.2 km²
  • The borough is largely rural with a large number of towns, wards and villages and is part of the South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority.

Place Plans:

Barnsley Health and Care Plan 2023 – 2025

Across South Yorkshire we want everyone to live happy and healthier lives for longer. We know times are tough with the ongoing effects of Covid-19 and the rising cost of living, our engagement shows that having access to high quality care and support is important for our community.

This is why Barnsley health and care partnership has created a dedicated health and care plan for Barnsley that explains what they will be prioritising over the next two years to help us with this ambition.

They will be working to:

  • Make services more accessible – so you get the right support when and where you need it
  • Provide more joined up care – removing barriers to health and care across different places so you experience seamless care
  • Support people to keep healthy – giving you opportunities to keep a healthy lifestyle for yourself and your family
  • Offer the best possible start in life for people – helping you to nurture a lifetime of good health and happiness for your child from birth to adulthood
  • Develop our talented workforce – so they are equipped to make sure you can experience excellent healthcare

This plan describes how partners from the NHS, council, community and voluntary sector, and social enterprises services including Healthwatch Barnsley will work in partnership to deliver these priorities. This is because not one single organisation can transform health and care on their own.

When we come together and work alongside local communities we know that we can make a bigger difference.

Alongside the plan the partnership has also published its report on tackling health inequalities in Barnsley.

Read the full plan here.

System Plans and Developments:

  • Collaborative work with the Local Authority - the 2018-2021 public strategy is underway and focuses on a range of health issues and concerns such as emotional resilience, oral health of children, creating a smoke free generation and physical activity.

  • A community driven approach - rapid response intermediate care service, nurse led support to care homes - including the introduction of digital technology to enable video link up - and patients who need respiratory and pulmonary rehabilitation are benefitting as a result of this way of working.

  • Dearne locality network - partners have come together to deliver coordinated care, in which the approach has been so successful that the Partnership is now rolling out the approach to the other five local clinical network areas.

Residents report being in:

  • 41.6% very good health and 33.6% good health
  • 16.4% in fair health
  • 6.6% bad health and 1.8% very bad health

Source: Local Government Association

Healthy Life Expectancy at Birth 2015/17: Source: The Ministry of Housing

  • 59.7 (male), 61 (female) - England (as comparison) 63.4 / 63.8

Source: *Data taken from the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government English Indices of Deprivation 2019

Source: Local Government Association
  • 50.7% female to 49.3% male
  • 50 to 54 is predominantly age band (18,616 people out of 245,199)
  • 97.9% White (majority) and 0.7% Asian/Asian British (second majority)

Further information:

You can also visit any of the Partner webpages or view the South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw Integrated Care System Five Year Plan (2019 – 2024).