Improving supply chains and getting better value for money to reinvest into services

The NHS buys a large amount of goods and services to enable it to run from day to day. 

The main goods the NHS buys are equipment and medicines. The bulk of these purchases are made through the procurement teams that sit within each Acute, Mental Health and Clinical Commissioning group.

South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw is a leader in working together in purchasing and is seen nationally as a model for other Integrated Care Systems to follow. By working together we not only achieving better deals and therefore the best value for our hospitals and patients,  but it also allows us to standardise the products and services across our region so that the care we provide is consistent no matter where you are treated.

The award winning procurement teams across our region routinely save the NHS millions of pounds annually through negotiated contracts with all the savings returned to the NHS contributing to frontline patient care.

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