As part of developing the South Yorkshire ICB’s People and Communities Strategy (see here for more information) we want to develop a set of principles for South Yorkshire Integrated Care Board that set out how the ICB will proactively involve and engage with people and communities to make sure they can play a key role in shaping and developing high quality health services across South Yorkshire.

We have developed a set of draft principles in the following way:

  • Using NHS guidance for ICSs to set the framework
  • Reviewing and incorporating engagement principles from CCGs within the SY area
  • Using patient, public and partner feedback from early engagement to shape these
  • Benchmarking against principles set by other NHS organisations
  • Making sure that accessibility, inclusiveness, transparency and accountability are included

Draft principles for consideration

  • Put the voices of people and communities at the heart of decision-making
  • Make sure people and communities are involved at all stages of decision-making from planning to evaluation
  • Work with partners, people and communities to make evidence-based decisions that reflect the needs of those who are impacted
  • Make sure decisions are made with people and communities and not to them
  • Develop a people-first culture across the ICB to that will ensure that involvement and engagement are continual processes and not just one-off activities
  • Recognise that different groups will have different communication needs and make sure that communications and engagement activities reflect that. Use different and innovative ways of making sure
  • Provide different communications and engagement activities (from patient experience feedback to co-production) that are tailored to the decisions that are being made
  • Communicate all aspects of decision-making clearly and simply so that everyone is aware of how these impact them. This also allows people and communities to hold decision-makers to account.
  • Feedback the outcomes of involvement and engagement to everyone so that people and communities recognise the value of their contributions

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