Over the course of the Covid-19 pandemic, we spent more time at home than ever before. For many this meant being able to explore their local area and appreciate the nature around them. For others, this led to increased anxiety and loneliness.

Spending time in and connecting with nature is shown to improve people’s mood, anxiety levels and physical health, and in South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw we are surrounded by world renowned ‘green’ and ‘blue’ spaces.

Health, care, voluntary and community organisations are working together to encourage more time outdoors and are supporting people who don’t feel they have access or the opportunity to appreciate the positive effects of the natural world around them.

As partners, we want to:

  • Work together to join up all activities, organisations and providers so we have one clear goal – to improve people’s mental and physical health through green and blue social prescribing
  • Improve access to green and blue space for everyone, focusing most on those most negatively affected by the pandemic - areas of social and economic deprivation, ethnic minority communities, children and young people and those who are clinically extremely vulnerable
  • Further understand the benefits of green social prescribing to a person’s health and wellbeing
  • Support and sustain our green and blue environments and the organisations who work to preserve them and offer activities

Reports and insights

  • Initial Findings from Green and Blue Social Prescribing Mapping and Insight work and suggested grant priorities: Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust (September 2021)

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  • Green Social Prescribing Grants Guidance

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