The South Yorkshire Health and Social Care Integration Programme aims to strengthen the partnership working between primary care and social care, harnessing the joint workforce in new ways. Aiming towards improvements in health inequalities and population health.

This will be done by:

Committing to Carers through:

  • GP awareness sessions around awareness and coding and impact of use.
  • Further development of carer packs for all practice staff to utilise.
  • Specific support to social prescribers and care coordinators.
  • Work around development of carers strategy to include GPs who will help scope and identify gaps.

Placement Expansion by:

  • Exploration of use of ARRS roles and support a knowledge base within the wider social care sector
  • Development of placements alongside the PCWTH placement team

Connecting into the Social Care Sector by:

  • Scoping and identifying the gaps with a view to actively improve the community relationships.
  • Exploring the Social Models of Health to look at what is needed to improve health inequalities (alongside the PCWTH Health Inequalities tutors)

Development of rotational models through:

  • Looking at rotational roles for OT and Social Work role in the first instance.
  • This will be using the learning from the paramedic rotational scheme

Further scoping by:

  • Future work programme around health and social care including children and young people.

Updates coming soon.

Updates coming soon.

Updates coming soon.