Involving patients and the public allows us to better meet the needs of the local populations we serve and we are committed to ensuring that the diverse range of people who live in South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw have the opportunity to have their say and the information that they need to be involved in any decision making.

We take a range of approaches to involving the public. Often our workstreams need to better understand the views of/ or hear from a particular group of patients or members of a community to help inform their planning from the outset. In this scenario our engagement approach is targeted to ensure we hear from them. Where the views of the wider public is needed we reach out using existing networks (our own and our partners'), we work with the media, hold events, we use social media and have used advertising and leaflet drops to help us reach as many people as possible.

We also set up the Citizens’ Panel, bringing together people from across the region to provide an independent view and critical friendship on matters relating to work at System level (find out more about our Citizens Panel) and a Transport and Travel Panel (TTP) with patients and the public, also from across the region, to look at the potential impact changes to services would have. The TTP is currently not meeting as there are no significant changes in the pipeline but it will be reinstated should this change. 

For more information on how engagement activity has helped shape ICS decisions and for completed engagement reports visit our 'Using your feedback' page