What is the Citizen's Panel?

The Citizens’ Panel (CP) provides an independent view and critical friendship on matters relating to the Integrated Care System (ICS). 

In particular, the group has been set up to ensure that the voice of the local population is heard and influences any developments. It does this by making sure engagement opportunities are created for citizens, patients and carers and that they are meaningful, targeted and relative to the changes suggested.

The Panel ensures that its work and the issues reflected by citizen engagement are given equal importance to the work of professional health and care partners.

The specific purpose and aims of the Panel are:

  • To support the ICS with advice and guidance so that it can meaningfully engage patients, carers and citizens in the planning and shaping of future services and in the development of transformation proposals on behalf of all partners
  • To review stakeholder engagement plans related to potentially substantial service transformation proposals to ensure engagement activity meets all guidance
  • To comment on whether a proposal is a service change and priority areas for engagement
  • To comment on and promote innovation and improvement in stakeholder engagement
  • To review (often complex) service related and / or financial information to ensure any information is easily understandable and clear before being shared with the wider public
  • To encourage the ICS team to ensure protected and other ‘seldom heard’ groups are given appropriately tailored opportunities to shape future services
  • To bring any local issues that may have some bearing on the implementation of the SYB Plan to the attention of the group

You can read notes from the Citizens' Panel meetings here