From COVID-19 testing to detecting disease, Pathology plays a vital role in NHS services

Pathology involves the examination of tissues, organs, blood, other bodily fluids and autopsies in order to study, diagnose and manage disease and inform treatment decisions.

Pathology is key to NHS services delivering essential patient care and is involved in around 80% of diagnostic and treatment decisions.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, pathology services played a vital role in developing and delivering COVID testing and providing vital information to support infection, prevention and control measures and help healthcare professionals such as doctors, nurses and care workers continue working.  Pathology staff continue work to identify local outbreaks and new variants of the virus.

In South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw the five Acute Trusts are working together to develop a single Pathology Service; this should benefit both patients and staff in a way that could not be achieved by each Trust in isolation. By working together Trusts can ensure the service their patients receive is equal across South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw. It will also allow wider access to new investigations and diagnostic systems for South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw patients, and improve future training and career development for staff.  

The proposed model for the single service is currently being considered by each Trust Board.

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