Latest figures show that over 3,000 patients in South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw, who are living with physical or mental ill health, have been referred to the Working Win Health Led Employment Trial.


Supported by NHS England, the Department of Health and Social Care and the Department for Work and Pensions; Working Win is a free trial testing a new type of support for people with mental or physical health conditions. Participants are supported with their current employment or are helped to get back into work.

The trial began in March 2018 and will run until October 2019.


Andy Hilton is a GP who works in Sheffield and the Chief Executive of Primary Care Sheffield, he said:


“There is really good evidence for the benefits of work in people’s lives in terms of the structure, social contact and sense of worth. We know that the longer people are off work with a chronic illness, whether it be physical or mental then it can actually increase mental health problems. Getting back into work can really help the recovery process from a chronic illness. Having a service like Working Win that helps get people back into the working environment after a period of sickness can be a really good way of broaching the subject with patients and I'd actively encourage GPs to sign up to this. I think we all know the benefits of work in people’s lives.”


If someone living with mental or physical ill health thinks they will benefit from being part of the trial they can speak to their GP or other local health professionals, they can visit, email or call