South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw (SYB) Integrated Care System (ICS) has launched a ‘Your Covid Recovery’ campaign after an engagement exercise with local people showed that patients in SYB were unsure of where to go or who to ask when they had health questions after having had Covid-19.

Uncertainty over issues such as how long should the cough last, when would taste and smell come back, when to re-start exercising, and being unable to source advice and support from family members, as we so often do when unwell with a long-established illness, the members of the public taking part in the insight revealed they were often trying to get hold of their local GP or other health professionals, often just for reassurance.

With a national website in place - Your Covid Recovery – a resource that patients and the public involved said they weren’t aware of, partners in SYB came together to develop a social media campaign to raise awareness of the national website:

To find out more about the campaign visit:


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