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The Brain Tumour Centre at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has been awarded the prestigious ‘Tessa Jowell Centre of Excellence’ status for excellence in the treatment, research and care of patients with brain tumours. The Centre is one of six new centres across the UK to receive excellence status this year.

Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust was awarded excellence status due to the Neuro-oncology team’s rigorous commitment and enthusiasm to service development and excellent regional collaboration to provide high quality care.

Mr Y Al-Tamimi, Consultant Neurosurgeon and Cancer Site Lead for Neuro-Oncology said, “We are incredibly proud of our Neuro-oncology team for the outstanding care and commitment they have shown in providing excellent care for our patients, despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. To be awarded the Tessa Jowell Centre of Excellence status is testament to their efforts and we are thrilled to be able to contribute to the combined ambition to make excellent care accessible for all people with brain tumours across the UK.”

Jess Mills, Tessa Jowell’s daughter and TJBCM’s Special Adviser has hailed this good news and said: “We are one step closer to achieving this incredible ambition of excellence for all. The reason we are moving forward at this fast pace is due to the combined efforts and commitment of the doctors, nurses and support staff in each of the hospitals.” 

Professor Kate Bushby, who led the designation exercise, emphasised that “the award not only celebrates the centres’ hard work to push for excellence but also recognises the teams' commitment to continual service improvement.” 

The Neuro-oncology team at Sheffield will continue to share their expertise with staff in other centres through the Tessa Jowell Academy to ensure continuous service improvement nationally.