Local health and care organisations in Doncaster have launched their annual ‘Be Winter Well’ campaign to help support residents to stay as well as possible during the colder months ahead.

This year’s winter campaign focuses on giving people a wide variety of useful health and wellbeing information and signposting them to all the support services available, as well as giving practical advice on how people can help themselves to stay safe and well over the winter months.

Organisations from across various sectors have joined forces to ensure residents have all the information they need in one place, including a dedicated website and a handy booklet being sent to thousands of homes across the borough, You can see the booklet here:

Rupert Suckling, Director of Public Health at Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council said: “This winter is expected to be one of the toughest we’ve experienced as the Covid pandemic continues to test all our services across the borough. Our joint ‘Be Winter Well’ campaign has been developed in partnership with the Council and all our health and care services. It includes a one-stop-shop website offering support, information and advice on everything related to winter from protecting yourself against the flu and getting vaccinated, to staying warm, staying active and preparing for any bad weather.

“Winter can be a difficult time for many. We are here to support you through the coming months, whether that is with healthcare advice, financial support or gritting the roads so we can get to work and education safely. The booklet we’re sending out to people should help everyone find information on support networks, wellbeing and remaining safe and well.”

Dr David Crichton, local GP and Chair of Doncaster Clinical Commissioning Group said: “I’m delighted that our ‘Be Winter Well’ campaign has now launched and that our residents can access the right advice and information from all our health and care partners.

“As part of this campaign, we want to help people make the right choices about the different health services they should use for particular illnesses or injuries, as well as providing lots of useful information on how people can help themselves to stay well over the coming months. This includes ensuring you are vaccinated against viruses such as flu and Covid-19 and continuing to help prevent the spread of these diseases by paying attention to hand hygiene and wearing face coverings where appropriate.”

As well as the information available on the website and in the booklet, the ‘Be Winter Well’ partnership will be sharing a wide range of information and advice across a number of channels to ensure people living and working in Doncaster are kept up to date.

For more information about the campaign please visit, and you can follow the campaign on social media with #BeWinterWell.