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A Rotherham man, who has been living with a mental illness for the past 15 years, has written a book about his experiences in a bid to help others in the same position.

Greig D Beadle, who volunteers at Swallownest Court in Rotherham, which is a hospital that provides adult mental health services and run by Rotherham Doncaster and South Humber NHS Foundation Trust (RDaSH), has had his first book published by the mental health publisher ‘chipmunkapublishing’.

In his book called ‘Stickies’ Grieg talks about his personal journey of dealing with paranoid schizophrenia, a mental health condition that can cause  hallucinations, delusions, disorganised thinking, lack of motivation and lack of interest in social activities.

Greig, RDaSH Peer Support Worker, said: “This book is about letting go of all the bad times. Setting your mind to do something and achieving it, even if you didn’t think you could. I always said that I should write a book and now I have and I hope that if it helps those who read it, then it would have been worthwhile.”

Copies of the book are available at the reception at Swallownest Court, Aughton Road. The cost is £10 and the proceeds are put towards the printing of more books.

Pictured: Greig is pictured in Swallownest Court reception with a copy of his book