With only a few weeks left until we launch our new ways of working (for Rotherham patients), all partners are working hard to make sure the change is as smooth as possible for patients needing the services and staff working in them.

We are on track to meet our implementation dates of 1 July (to cease hyper acute stroke services in Rotherham) and 1 October (to cease hyper acute stroke services in Barnsley) and are supporting each other across the network to make this happen.

We have successfully recruited a number of extra nursing and therapy staff to support our hyper acute stroke units in treating additional patients from 1 July and are in the process of recruiting further medical staff to work jointly across our sites.

A key part of making sure our new service is successful relies on the transport and transfer of our patients and two learning events have taken place for our paramedic colleagues this month (from both the Yorkshire and East Midlands Ambulance Services) to make sure we are as prepared as we can possibly be in changing this critical part of the stroke pathway.

We have worked together to develop a new Patient Flow Policy which is the process of being signed off by all partners and outlines our joint agreement for how we will work to make sure our patients are getting the care they need, when and where they need it. We will also be linking with our GP colleagues across the region to explain the process for any patients who may present to primary care needing hyper acute stroke assessment and treatment.  

Being able to make these important changes to how we deliver hyper acute stroke service is thanks to the continued hard work and commitment shown by those working in our services to ensure the best possible and improved care for our patients.

Once the first change has been made, we will continually review our ways of working to make sure we are delivering care in the best possible way with any learning implemented before the next change, in October, takes place.

If you would like more information on any of the above, please get in touch at helloworkingtogether@nhs.net