A recently published Review by South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw (SYB) Integrated Care System (ICS) outlines a number of important improvements to access and provision of health and social care services for 1.5 million people across its five places.

The Review 2016-2019 reports on a number of regional successess including:

• A new, perinatal mental health service has been established across Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield.

• New pathways for lower GI, prostate and lung cancers – helping to diagnose and treat people earlier and improve overall outcomes.

• Investment of more than £1 million into our Local Maternity System to improve care for all mothers and babies. 85% of women now have a Personalised Care Plan.

• Provision of 21 clinical pharmacists, 135 trainee nurse associates and 825 care navigators supporting primary care services across the region.

• Extended access GP appointments, at evenings and weekends, for 100% of our patients.

• Near-elimination of adult mental health out-of-area placements in four of our five areas  - with plans to improve this even further.

Formally launched as an ICS in October 2018, SYB's System evolved from a Sustainability and Transformation Partnership (January 2016) to an Accountable Care System (in April 2017), becoming one of the first and most advanced integrated care systems in England.  

Sir Andrew Cash, Chief Exective Officer of SYB ICS, says "We have much to celebrate and this Review captures the work that has been taking place across the System over the last three years. With support from staff, the public and stakeholders we are making real inroads into transforming the way we do things at a system level so that people continue to receive high quality services but in ways that are more convenient and with better outcomes. 

"The ambition we set out in 2016 was for everyone in South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw to have a great start in life, supporting them to stay healthy and live longer. This is as true today as it was then and we will continue to pursue our ambition at the same time as aiming to be the best delivery and transformation System in the country."