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South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw agencies involved in health and social care are starting to work in closer partnership to improve care for you, your family and community. As their work develops, it’s vital that the voice of local people is at the heart of the work.

We're looking for people who can offer an independent view and critical friendship on matters relating to the work of Health and Care Working Together, which is an Integrated Care System (ICS).

Your role is to help to ensure that the voice of the local population is heard and influences any developments. With other members of the Panel, you will do this by making sure engagement opportunities are created for citizens, patients and carers and that they are meaningful, targeted and relative to the changes suggested.

The ask:

  • Up to four hours a month, three hours for the meeting and one for the reading
  • Two year membership term
  • An active, positive approach
  • You’ll offer constructive criticism; tell them when there is a problem, and help work out how to solve it
  • You’ll have links into a geographical community, a community of interest; or a community network
  • You’ll be able to understand complicated information, and help explain it to others
  • You’ll be great at listening to others, and making sure views that you may not agree with personally are heard
  • You’ll bring a range of different skills to the work of the Panel

To find out more, please download the information below and to apply, send your CV and a covering letter by email to or by post to Helen Stevens, Health and Care Working Together, c/o NHS Sheffield CCG, 722 Prince of Wales Road, Sheffield S9 4EU

Recruitment to the Panel is ongoing. If you are interested in applying, please contact us at