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In 2018 the SYB Integrated Care System partnered with Standout Media to create and deliver a public engagement campaign designed to gather insights and attitudes to the withdrawal from prescription of some common over the counter medications.

A dedicated web platform 569millionreasons was created as the central place to coordinate the campaign and access the survey, test the messaging and view self-care/help educational resources.

Toolkits for Practices, CCGs and pharmacies were provided as were face to face staff on-boarding workshops held at CCGs (involving CCG & practice staff), Patients Participation Groups/Community/Community and Voluntary Sector and a Press toolkit.

More than 14,000 people took part in the patient and public engagement survey and shared their views on purchasing over the counter medicines for minor conditions.

An independent report has been prepared  and  the insights will now be taken to inform our next steps. View the report here