Gastroenterology and endoscopy focus on areas of the body connected to the digestive system.

From an NHS service area, it is the study of issues and disorders relating to opening the bowels or bladder, and other investigative conditions to assess symptoms such as ulcers, bleeding (including from anus) and anaemia.

In South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw (SYB) it is highlighted as one of the key areas for improvement. Following a recent review of South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw's Hospital Services which focused on five challenged services, (urgent and emergency care, maternity, paediatrics, stroke and gastroenterology).

One of the main outcomes from this review was to support NHS trusts in South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw to work together better. 

Plans for development or improvement include returning endoscopy levels to pre-Covid levels and addressing workforce challenges – such as boosting recruitment for nurse endoscopists.