Personalised care and connecting with communities

Through social prescribing we will help people to access wide ranging services and activities in our communities that support health and wellbeing e.g. nature based activities, volunteering, arts and crafts, physical activity, welfare advice and befriending.

Deprivation in South Yorkshire remains high, including (but less so in) Bassetlaw where there are some areas of deprivation, with higher than average rates of children living in low income families

We have highly regarded social prescribing schemes in all five of our Places, and our voluntary sector partners have played a leading role in this success story – pioneering innovative delivery models and providing wide ranging community based services and activities for thousands of people every year.

Other forms of support we might help with include helping individuals to claim entitlements, like welfare benefits, or put individuals in touch with specialist advocacy support services (e.g. debt advice).

There will be work taking place to develop NHS volunteering opportunities for local residents, but also for our workforce to volunteer within local communities.