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The latest group of trainees who work across South Yorkshire, Bassetlaw, and neighbouring areas started their seven month training at the academy on the 3 February 2021.

The academy was set up in 2017 to complement academic training with experience that replicates a clinical environment.

 “My time at the academy so far has been very positive. It has been helpful to be part of a learning environment with my peers away from the pressures of learning within the workplace environment. Our mentors have been excellent, approachable and knowledgeable,” said Mark Shaw, a trainee at the Academy.

There is national shortage of radiographers and an urgent need to increase the workforce and provide training for advanced image reporting skills.

The training at the South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw Integrated Care System (SYBICS) Reporting Radiographer Academy will help reduce the intense workload faced by radiographers and image reporters in our region.

Dr Trudy Sevens, Lead Radiographer at the SYBICS, said: “there have been many challenges to getting the academy started this year, but witnessing the first cohort’s induction session was a great pleasure.

“It’s not only an invaluable resource for the trainees, but will also contribute to meeting the needs for imaging and diagnostic services across the region. Once trained, it will mean the radiographers across South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw can go on to provide crucial extra support for image reporting.”

£500,000 of the money comes from Health Education England and will go towards training, while an extra £33,000 will support a new clinical educator post at the academy.

The first group of trainees began their academy training mid-January after being delayed due to COVID-19.

The twelve trainees across the two groups will finish training in July and there is hope for future funding to offer two more training groups to start in September this year.